Here are some tips to help keep your car running!

Yearly Tips

Our mission is to make sure that everyone knows what to look for to keep their car in good condition and avoid any complications with their car. Below we have listed some things look for when your car may need service.

1. Check your oil. If the oil on your dip stick is dark that means that you need to change your oil. If you run low on oil often you may have a leak and need to make sure that you save money from buying more oil. Please contact us if you need an oil change or you if you need to find the oil leak.

2. If your gas milage is less than usual it could be many things and we would be happy to help find out what the problem is.

3. Check your belts (I.E. timing belt, alternator belt, power steering belt)

4. Check battery terminals

5. Check coolant levels.

6. Check brake fluid

7. Check windshield wiper fluid.

8. Check tire tread.

9. Check tire pressure.

10. Check air filter

11. Check wind shield wipers.

12. If you hear any scraping sounds or your stopping is less reactive than usual when pressing your brakes please contact us.

If you are unsure of how to check these thngs on this list or have a concern about any of these items please contact us for service.

Summer Tips

We want to make sure that your vehicle is at it's best during all the seasons and below are some things to think about. If you would like please write these things down and make a checklist to help maintain your car.

1. Get your radiator checked. A lot of taveling is done in the summer time and we would hate to see an overheating problem during your long trip.

2. Check your fluid levels: This includes antifreeze, brake fluid, transmission fluid, windshield washer fluid, and power steering fluid.

3. Check your oil: Oil is a crucial thing to check routinley. This helps increase the life of your engine. Note: Oil changes are very important to do because oil loses it's viscosity ( lubrication). Please see your service manual of your car for recommened oil changes or contact us.

4. Brakes: Brakes are very important any season and are a huge priorty to us to make sure that you are safe. Check brake fluid and please contact us for a free break inspection for details.

5. Tire pressure: It is important to maintain proper tire pressure to help increase your gas milage and also prevent improper tire wear.

6. Transmission fluid is always great to check and could prevent costly repairs if done routinley.